The Google Ads Fast Track (Online Course)

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Do you need help attracting new customers and increasing revenue? Are you losing out to competitors with a better online presence? Then, I've got the solution for you!

Introducing The Google Ads Fast Track, an online course designed to help local business owners like you master the art of Google Ads and dominate your local market.

By enrolling in The Google Ads Fast Track, you'll:

  • Dramatically increase website traffic
  • Boost sales and revenue
  • Attract new and loyal customers
  • Outshine competitors on Google

My name is Fernando Alvarez Jr. I am a certified Google Ads specialist with over 4 years of experience helping local businesses thrive. Here's what one of many satisfied customers had to say:

"I was skeptical about using Google Ads, but working with Fernando changed my perspective. He was knowledgeable and responsive and helped me understand the entire process from start to finish. The results speak for themselves - in just 30 days, Fernando got us over 90 new leads for my business!"

I'm offering The Google Ads Fast Track for 70% off for a limited time. The Google Ads Fast Track will help you create a profitable Google Ads campaign in record time.

Here's what's included in The Google Ads Fast Track:

Module 1: Introduction

  • Lesson 1: Creating a Google Ads account
  • Lesson 2: Google Ads dashboard
  • Lesson 3: Google Ads metrics
  • Lesson 4: Google Ads structure
  • Lesson 5: Google Ads ad rank
  • Lesson 6: Google Ads mindset

Module 2: Keyword Research

  • Lesson 1: Audience temperatures
  • Lesson 2: Google Ads keyword planner
  • Lesson 3: Keyword research
  • Lesson 4: Keyword match types
  • Lesson 5: Keyword bids

Module 3: Landing Page

  • Lesson 1: Landing page
  • Lesson 2: Form tracking
  • Lesson 3: Call tracking

Module 4: Campaign Setup

  • Lesson 1: Campaign
  • Lesson 2: Ad groups
  • Lesson 3: Ads
  • Lesson 4: Assets
  • Lesson 5: Sitelinks
  • Lesson 6: Callouts
  • Lesson 7: Structured snippets
  • Lesson 8: Calls
  • Lesson 9: Speed run

Module 5: Optimization

  • Lesson 1: Adjusting bids
  • Lesson 2: Search terms
  • Lesson 3: Negative keywords
  • Lesson 4: Testing ads & landing pages
  • Lesson 5: Golden rule

Enroll now, and you'll also receive these exclusive bonuses.

  • Bonus 1: Simple landing page template
  • Bonus 2: Free updates for the life of the course

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By enrolling in my Google Ads course, you can make a one-time investment that will pay off significantly through a consistent influx of new customers to your business.

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Click the button below to get instant access to The Google Ads Fast Track online course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire you to optimize and manage my Google Ads instead?

Sure! Please visit this page to learn about my Google Ads management service.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final.