Stay Entertained generated 100+ reviews and receives 20+ calls a month from their Google Business Profile.

Stay Entertained


Stay Entertained, a small event planning business, needed help attracting new customers and building its local reputation. They had a limited budget for advertising and needed a cost-effective way to showcase their services and attract more clients.


We created a Google Business Profile for Stay Entertained to promote their services and reach a wider audience.

I optimized their profile with relevant keywords to increase their visibility on Google and updated their listing regularly with their latest events and offerings. In addition, Stay Entertained used my review software and encouraged their customers to leave reviews on their Google Business Profile to build social proof and attract new clients.


Stay Entertained's Google Business Profile proved to be a game-changer for their business. They started seeing a significant increase in the number of calls and inquiries they were receiving, translating into more bookings and revenue.

Within six months of creating their Google Business Profile, they received over 100 positive reviews from satisfied customers. These reviews helped to establish Stay Entertained's credibility and reputation, making them a trusted choice for event planning services in their local area.

Moreover, they now receive an average of 20+ calls monthly from their Google Business Profile. These calls increased their revenue and helped them expand their customer base.

Overall, Stay Entertained's Google Business Profile proved to be an effective and cost-efficient way to promote their business and attract new clients. By optimizing their profile and setting a review system in place, they built their reputation, increased their visibility on Google, and grew their business.

Chris & Hope P.
Chris & Hope P.
Owners, Stay Entertained

"We enjoyed working with Fernando to improve our Google Business Profile and are beyond impressed with the results. Thanks to his help, we got over 100 reviews for our business! We also receive at least 20 calls a month from our profile!"