Kidtastic Bubbles website jumps from 0 to 5,000+ visits per month and a #1 ranking on Google.

Kidtastic Bubbles


Kidtastic Bubbles had their website up for months, but they had yet to generate any traffic. They knew they had an excellent service to offer, but they needed to find a way to get the word out to potential customers.


To solve the problem, I started with a thorough analysis of Kidtastic Bubbles' website. I identified several technical issues affecting the website's performance and causing it to rank poorly. I fixed these issues and optimized their website for search engines.

Next, I developed a comprehensive SEO strategy based on the keyword research I did that included optimizing the website's content, meta descriptions, and tags for the selected keywords.

I also worked with the company to create high-quality, informative, and engaging content to attract visitors. This content included blog posts, videos, and social media updates.

To build backlinks and improve the website's authority, I contacted relevant websites and bloggers to request links to Kidtastic Bubbles' website. I also optimized the company's Google My Business listing and created local citations to improve their visibility in local search results.


The results of the SEO campaign were impressive. Within six months, Kidtastic Bubbles' website jumped from 0 to over 5,000 visits per month. In addition, their ranking for the keyword "foam party" went from nowhere to #1 on Google. The website also started ranking well for other relevant keywords, bringing even more traffic.

The improved visibility and increased traffic resulted in more inquiries and bookings for the company. As a result, the company reported that it saw a significant increase in its revenue.

Veronica G.
Veronica G.
Operating Manager, Kidtastic Bubbles

"If you're looking for someone to help take your website to the next level, look no further than Fernando! He worked with my business, and within a few months, our website went from zero traffic to over 5,000 visits per month. I highly recommend Fernando to anyone looking for help with their SEO."