Bright N Easy generated 90+ new leads in 30 days through Google Ads.

Bright N Easy


Bright N Easy, a holiday light installation company, wanted to increase its leads and conversions during the holiday season. However, they had a limited budget and needed help to attract new customers to their business.


Bright N Easy hired me to develop a targeted Google Ads campaign to help them reach their target audience and generate new leads.

I conducted keyword research and designed ad copy to attract customers searching for their services in their local area. In addition, I optimized the campaign regularly to ensure we used their ad budget efficiently and effectively.


Within 30 days, Bright N Easy's Google Ads campaign generated 94 new conversions, resulting in a 20.22% conversion rate. In addition, the campaign received 465 clicks with a click-through rate of 12.12%. The total ad spend for the campaign was $1.47k, resulting in a cost per conversion of $15.62.

The campaign generated over 90 new leads, exceeding Bright N Easy's initial expectations. The company was thrilled with the results and reported an increase in revenue during the holiday season due to the Google Ads campaign.

Antonia G.
Antonia G.
Owner, Bright N Easy

"I was skeptical about using Google Ads, but working with Fernando changed my perspective. He was knowledgeable and responsive and helped me understand the entire process from start to finish. The results speak for themselves - in just 30 days, Fernando got us over 90 new leads for my business!"